Provensen Online's privacy policy is based on the National Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act 1988 and subsequent Privacy Amendment Act 2001 and on company policies to protect personal information. Further information on your rights can be found on
The Australian Privacy Commissioners website at

Provensen will respect your personal data. Your information is collected for the purpose of processing your order and to keep you updated about new season ranges, sales or special events. We will not share the information you give us with any third parties without your prior consent. If you wish to have your details removed from our mailing list then please send us your request via our contact page.

Collection of Information

There are two types of information collected by Provensen. The first is anonymous and includes such information as number of
visitors viewing ascertain page or surveys where your personal details are not captured. The second type of information collected is
personal information and includes such information as your own and/or your business name, address, other contact details.
With this second type of information we can provide a more personalized experience and service to you.

• Information is collected from you on both a promotional basis and an attempt to make your visits to our websites more rewarding.

• The amount of information you disclose is your choice however it is important to note that some services, promotions, surveys etc.
cannot be accessed if you choose not to provide the required information.

• Provensen collects personal and business information when you register with Provensen and use Provensen's services,
when you take surveys, when you enter promotions or competitions and when you take advantage of specials.

• Surveys may ask for specific personal information that helps us in defining demographic information such as age, gender or postcode.

• When you register with Provesen you provide your personal information and contact details so you may not be anonymous to us.

• Provensen may ask for personal information about you such as credit card number, billing address, type of computer,
when you sign up to a particular service. Provensen may also collect information on your transactions with us.

•Your information may be collated by Provensen.



Children must obtain parents permission before providing information to Provensen. If a child signs up to any promotion,
survey or service it is expected they have received prior permission from parents to do so and
that all information provided has parent's prior consent.


Use of Public Online Facilities

In the event of making your information public, Provensen takes no responsibility for its use. This includes using such facilities as,
but is not limited to: chat, forums, signing guest books, voting online, communities. Note that whenever you post personal
information in publicly accessible places, such as chat rooms or message boards, this information becomes available
to anyone with access to the internet. Providing any of your details publicly is strongly discouraged by Provensen.